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Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, with 1.13 million sq km area coverage, is characterised by considerable diversification in bio-physical environment, cultural and ethnic composition. Its lowest and highest elevation points vary from the Kobat Sink of Danakil depression that falling 125 meters below sea level to the Ras Dashen Mountain that raises 4,620 meters above sea level. Along this range, different physiographic feature: massive highlands, rugged mountains, flat topped plateaus and deep gorges are evident. The highlands and rugged massive mountains make Ethiopia’s central part but divided by the Great Rift Valley and surrounded by lowlands. The difference in landforms has resulted in different micro-climate, which, in turn come up in creating diversified ecosystems. This difference in micro-climate has given for the variation in soil properties, vegetation cover, water and other natural resources types. Successively, this has influenced historical and current settlement patterns of Ethiopians.

Sustainable Land Management Program 2 (SLMP II) in Ethiopia

The overall development objective of the SLM Program (SLMP I) is to improve the livelihoods and economic well-being of the country’s farmers herders and forest resource users by scaling up SLM practices with proven potential to restore, sustain and enhance the productivity of Ethiopia’s land resources. In line with programmatic objectives, the SMLP-2 has two major objectives namely project's Development and Global Environment Objective which is aimed:To reduce land degradation & Improve land productivity in the selected watersheds in targeted regions in Ethiopia.The objective would be achieved through capital investments, technical assistance and capacity building for smallholder farmers in the watersheds and government institutions at national and sub-national levels. Furthermore, as the project has its own components, the specific objectives of the project are also precisely set as per each component.  

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