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Sustainable Land Management Program 2 (SLMP II) in Ethiopia

The overall development objective of the SLM Program (SLMP I) is to improve the livelihoods and economic well-being of the country’s farmers herders and forest resource users by scaling up SLM practices with proven potential to restore, sustain and enhance the productivity of Ethiopia’s land resources. In line with programmatic objectives, the SMLP-2 has two major objectives namely project's Development and Global Environment Objective which is aimed:To reduce land degradation & Improve land productivity in the selected watersheds in targeted regions in Ethiopia.The objective would be achieved through capital investments, technical assistance and capacity building for smallholder farmers in the watersheds and government institutions at national and sub-national levels. Furthermore, as the project has its own components, the specific objectives of the project are also precisely set as per each component.  

The project will build on the wealth of technical, operational and institutional experiences and lessons learnt through the implementation of GoE’s SLM Program, including the Bank-financed SLMP-1 and similar initiatives supported by other bilateral and multilateral partners in the country. The main project components are listed below.

Component 1 – Integrated Watershed and Landscape Management: The objective of this component is to support scaling up and adoption of appropriate sustainable land and water management technologies and practices by smallholder farmers and communities in the selected watersheds/Woredas.

Component 2 – Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Development and Knowledge Generation and Management: The objective of this component is to complement the activities to be implemented under component 1 by strengthening and enhancing capacity at the institutional level, and building skills and knowledge of key stakeholders, including government agencies, research organizations and academia involved in the sustainable management of natural resources as well as the private sector, community leaders and small holder farmers.

Component 3 - Rural Land Administration, Certification and Land Use: The objective of this component is to enhance the tenure security of smallholder farmers in the project area in order to increase their motivation to adopt sustainable land and water management practices on communal and individual land.

Component 4 - Project Management: This component would partially finance the operation of the SLM Coordination Unit to support the Ministry of Agriculture in ensuring efficient delivery of project resources to achieve the Project Development Objective (PDO), as well as adequately monitoring and documenting progress and results.

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